• Triangulate Insights from a unified digital landscape

  • Cover all data formats – text, images, audio and video

  • Optimize decision making by evaluating KPIs using simulation

  • Category Exploration

    Track emerging trends and future proof your strategies

    Identify white spaces for new product innovation

  • Campaign Optimization

    Track campaigns and their impact on brand health

    Optimize your campaign strategy to maximize ROI

  • Brand Health

    Measure and track your brand equity

    Understand your real brand imagery

    Preempt competitive threats and counter competition

    Simulate KPIs Improve market performance

  • Enthnography

    Discover and define target segments for your brands

    Customize your marketing strategies to target each segment

  • Rating Optimization

    Leverage predictive analytics to optimize star rating of your products on e-commerce platforms

    Develop simulation driven action plan

  • Trend Scoping

    Get instant trends by going back in time

    Preempt emerging trends to stay ahead of the curve

    Use predictive modeling to optimize action plan

  • Misinformation Management

    Track, identify, analyze and prioritize misinformation

    Combat misinformation with strategic and tactical action planning

Key Features
  • Reliability and Transparency

    Reliability driven by end-to-end transparency and data control in your hands

  • Double-click Functionality

    Double-click functionality to dig deeper into insights and develop action plan

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Intuitive UI to lay down a seamless path from data to insights to actionability

  • Automation

    Automated system for instant project initiation and quick turnaround

  • Fast and Effortless

    Disseminate insights across organization effortlessly to enable simplified collaboration

  • 24/7 Technical Support

    24/7 technical support and tutorials to help with seamless platform navigation