The Science Behind Data Aggregation

Developing a tool to track what people are discussing on social media is easy: You shortlist the relevant keywords and search for all the conversations with a mention of these keywords. The challenge arises when you try to derive insights out of them by adding context to meet specific research objectives.

A large part of data collected through the keywords search is irrelevant. Not only that, you also miss out on a lot of insightful contextual conversations that do not contain the specified keywords.

MavenMagnet Digital Mapping™ technique is developed to solve this problem. We do not use keywords search to extract data. Instead, we form a digital map pertaining to the business objectives for which data is being aggregated from digital sources including blogs, forums, news, reviews, video logs, audio files, and social networks. MavenMagnet Digital Mapping is based on statistics fundamentals to eliminate irrelevant data and organize the information that is contextual and relevant to the business objectives.

The precision of the data collected before running the clean-up process to eliminate irrelevant data averages 0.20. Typical recall is 30-35% higher than normal search engines and social media monitoring tools because of our aggregation process

A key element of Digital Mapping technology is the "noise" elimination process that increases the precision measure, post clean-up, to 0.95, keeping intact the high recall

Key advantages of our data aggregation technique

  • MavenMagnet’s digital mapping based data aggregation technique maintains high quality of data repository free of noise, bias and posturing to do the research
  • Our proprietary technology platform aggregates and contextually analyzes data from a wide range of digital sources to extract qualitative insights on a quantitative scale. We go broader and much deeper than social listening. Typically, more than 75% of the data we collect is sourced from outside the popular social networks
  • MavenMagnet’s methodology eliminates the need for questionnaires because we use digitally-sourced conversations to do market research. This also provides a big discovery component because we are not constrained by questionnaire limitations
  • We have also developed the technology to analyze the context of conversations, thereby eliminating the need for awkward Boolean pairing
  • We do not recruit respondents but instead leverage the conversations on digital platforms to do the research
Technology Infrastructure to Power Analysis

MavenMagnet has developed a proprietary technology infrastructure to analyze data aggregated to meet the business objectives.

MavenMagnet Theme Identification Engine™ discovers core conversation themes.

MavenMagnet Ethnography Research uses technology and strategic input to define consumer persona by following their digital footprint. Our unique approach to ethnography quantifies every element of consumer persona and we do this without violating privacy of individuals or interfering with their conversations.

The vibe associated with the themes is identified by MavenMagnet Vibe Sensor™, a technology developed based on natural language processing and machine learning techniques to associate the right sentiments to the right themes in a conversation using inputs from strategists.

MavenMagnet Predictive Modeling techniques is used to extract actionable insights. Using our models, which take into account historical benchmarks, we deliver leading indicator to market performance and accompany it with an action plan consisting of tactical and strategic recommendations.

market research
Market Research Approach to Garner Insights
  • MavenMagnet has developed cutting-edge technology that uses information generated by digital conversations to garner insights keeping intact the core fundamentals of market research. MavenMagnet brings a new thinking to the market research process and implements it with the help of proprietary software technology and human input from strategists. We do not moderate discussions or ask questions. Instead we use the Digital Mapping technique to aggregate information from the conversations people have with their associates on interactive platforms. This information is completely random and representative of the overall base data. The quantum of data available digitally ensures that the sample size for the research is robust to provide quantifiable insights.
  • Our researchers use our proprietary MavenMagnet Influencer Mapping™ technique to define the demographic profile along with geographical and linguistic orientation. Influencer Mapping along with MavenMagnet Correlation Mechanics™ are used to determine the psychographic profile of the target consumers. MavenMagnet Theme Identification Engine and Vibe Sensor helps the researchers provide holistic thematic research and corresponding vibe perceptions.
  • MavenMagnet research process is a combination of state-of-the-art technology and strategic human input from market researchers. This helps us perform research at close to 100% accuracy (+/- 1%) on every business objective and makes MavenMagnet social insights richer and more efficient as compared to other forms of research.