MavenMagnet provides marketers a seamless perspective by combining the context and nuance of qualitative research, on a quantitative scale, with significant time and cost efficiency as compared to traditional research.

Brand Health

In-depth analysis of your brand's strengths and weaknesses versus key competitors. Track by multiple demographic and psychographic breaks and assess real impact in near real time to guide positioning and course correction, and uncover market and competitive gaps. KPIs to quantify insights and results.

Campaign Assessment

Performance measurement across marketing elements, e.g., advertising, PR, paid /earned promotion, POS, and experiential. An assessment of what is over- and under- performing in time to course-correct and optimize. Uniform KPI to easily track performance over time.

Category Analysis

Identify which drivers are trending up or down, and why. Stay ahead of market audits and POS data by tracking emotion, attitude, and peer influence shifts, and measure their magnitude and rate of influence. A complete SWOT analysis for the category, along with early opportunity and early warning.


Track, clarify, and enhance your brand's existing personas or identify and uncover new segments. Full demographic and psychographic profile of him or her— what media she consumes, how she uses products, who she is influenced by, and the core values that drive her.



MavenMagnet study identifies the topics and trends CMOs were most interested in and talking about at CES 2019


The Economic Times, May 2018

Up in the Air: Study of India's seven largest airlines reveals that reliability, specifically on-time performance, of the flight is considered much more important as compared to the cost of the flight.


Advertising Age, April 2017

In the article titled "100 Days of Trump Fights: Nordstrom Wins, Delta Loses and More", data from MavenMagnet suggests that while brands and politics usually don't mix well, consumer reactions aren't always negative.


Big Data Study Takes a New Look at Boomers and Millennials: The “Inside-Out” and the “Outside-In” Generations.


Hybrid Cars: The Consumer Perspective. Find out the most relevant factors for a consumer while shopping for a hybrid car.


Study on perceptions of Ebola in November 2014 reveals public remains scared and skeptical.



Social media chaos when deciphered using technology and looked upon by expert eyes have to do with there being great order in what looks like total randomness. And when you look closely enough at this randomness, patterns start to emerge which are nothing but absolutely beautiful.


Traditionally samples are limited to a few hundred or thousand individuals selected with great effort and precision. MavenMagnet uses a pattern emergence approach to sampling making it much more realistic and much less prone to error.