Solutions: Tech & Telecom

Technology is one of the fastest changing industries. Products refresh quickly. Life cycle of the products are shrinking to a few months. Innovation plays a critical role in everything from product development, to pricing, to retaining customers. We delivered insights in near real time to keep up with the pace in this industry. We have worked extensively in the technology space on products ranging from gadgets to high-end computing servers. Some recent examples:

Study competitive landscape and define distinct market positioning

A personal computer OEM wanted to launch a new product targeting the gamers segment. The key challenge was to develop a messaging that appealed to a community with good technical knowhow of what's inside the machine as well as to differentiate the product from: (1) Competitive products from other OEMs (2) Locally assembled PCs targeting the gamers. We did an in-depth analysis of the key purchase drivers identifying where our client had strengths as perceived by the gaming community. This helped the OEM create messaging that leveraged these perceived strengths. We also identified channels (blogs, video channels, social network pages) that had influence on the gamers. This led the OEM develop their entire PR strategy to focus on key influential destinations and develop close a connection with the community, which had a direct impact on the sales.

Track and optimize a fast-paced integrated campaign

A major home electronics products manufacturer needed to keep track of its fast-paced and ever-evolving campaign. The company had a focus on experiential marketing along with ads on platforms such as TV and digital, and customer outreach on social networks. The key challenge was to compare the impact of campaigns on various platforms and optimize various outreach efforts in near real time. The company deployed MavenMagnet’s Campaign Evaluation & Optimization product to provide an assessment of what is over and underperforming, in time to course-correct and optimize. We provided a uniform KPI to easily track performance over time and worked closely with the company to optimize their campaign.