Solutions: Media & Entertainment

Movies, music, sports, TV shows and live entertainment are some of the most discussed topics on the Internet. People love to talk about the media they consume, the sports teams they support, the TV shows they watch and the movies they go to. They form virtual groups with a lot of passion and interest around what they like and dislike. The dual-screen phenomenon has added fuel to these conversations. Our research methodology provides an in-depth analysis of consumers and audience in near real time. MavenMagnet has analyzed more than 500 movie trailers and more than 50 primetime shows leading to a rich set of benchmarking data. Some of our work in media and entertainment include the following:


A major movie studio wanted to gauge the reception of the trailer of one of its movies. The intent was to understand what people liked and disliked in the trailer, how they perceive the movie based on the trailer, what is the anticipation level of the movie, and how does the trailer appeal to different quadrants and geographies. We used thousands of conversations around the movie and provided the studio with the overall reception of the trailer with daily progression for a week from the day trailer released. We also identified the key factors driving positivity and negativity around the movie. We further broke the analysis by quadrants to identify what appealed to particular quadrants. Using the benchmarking data from more than 500 movies, we were able to precisely project the current anticipation level of the movie eight months before the movie release. We also tracked the next two trailer of the movie and provided movie campaign evaluation for four weeks leading to the movie release

Discover and develop audience profile for advertisers

A major TV channel wanted to understand their audience profile for 15 TV shows in their Spring lineup. The intent was to define personas for the shows and specifically the brand association of the audience of the show to help advertisers use it as a data point to pick shows they should buy advertisements. We developed the complete person for each show to define their interests, opinions, and activities to better target the show audience. We also quantified the brand association of audience with different shows for advertisers to understand which shows provide them their target consumers.