Solutions: Consumer Goods

Consumers do research before buying products. They ask questions, share reviews and have discussions. There is no bigger influence than the digital web when it comes to consumers making a purchase decision in the space of consumer goods. We help consumer goods companies understand their consumers, key purchase drivers, and the impact of their campaigns on the target consumers.

One of the most active segments on the Internet is moms. There are hundreds of active forums with discussions around pregnancy, infants, babies, teens, and homecare. The discussions are prevalent providing us a rich source to do studies ranging from understanding attitudes and usage to consumer personification. MavenMagnet has done dozens of studies to understand this key target segment and their perceptions.

Define differentiated market positioning and track brand health

A global beverage manufacturer needed to develop a differentiated market positioning for a non-carbonated beverage. The company had an initial hypothesis around the reason for consumption of this beverage. We did a comprehensive analysis of the category to understand the consumption drivers behind the choice of this beverage. Our deep dive in the category identified that the top reason – three times more impactful than anything else – was a very specific factor as compared to a general consumption factor the company was planning to use for its positioning. We uncovered an important nuance that led to a distinct positioning which was used to develop PR and advertising for the beverage. We furthermore tracked the brand health of the brand as compared to the competition and alternate beverage options over time.

Discover and develop consumer personas

A major nutritional product manufacturer wanted to get an understanding of the pregnant and lactating mothers. The intent was to define personas for the mothers and their food consumption pattern during pregnancy and infant care. We defined three key mom personas and a messaging and outreach strategy for each persona around nutrition rich food consumption. Along with a day-in-life analysis of the target consumer segment, we provided a quantified list of preferences such as influencers, entertainment sources (TV, music, digital), and information sources for each persona which was used as an important data point in media and PR planning.