Solutions: Automotive

Consumers do extensive research before making a vehicle purchase decision making automotive one of the most active topic on the Internet. There are hundreds of blogs, forums, communities and chat rooms dedicated to discussing different types of vehicles from trucks to luxury cars to SUVs. We use conversation research to provide an in depth analysis of consumers, owners and purchase intenders right where they are making the buying decision. MavenMagnet has worked with more than 40 vehicle models and have extensive experience working in this space. Some of our work in automotive space include the following:

Evaluate and optimize an integrated campaign

A global auto manufacturer wanted to track and optimize its advertising and PR activities. The company has an integrated campaign across platforms such TV, print, experiential and digital. The key challenge was to be able to compare the impact of a campaign on various platform and deliver the results in near real time to make course corrections. The company deployed MavenMagnet’s Campaign Evaluation & Optimization product to provide an assessment of what was over and underperforming in time to course-correct and optimize. We provided a uniform KPI to easily track performance over time and we worked closely with the company to optimize their campaign.

Define market positioning and track brand health

An auto OEM needed to develop a unique market positioning for a new car model launch. The intent was to develop a differentiated positioning in a crowded competitive landscape. We did a comprehensive analysis of the category to understand the purchase drivers that were qualifiers and the ones that can we used as differentiators. We further analyzed the competitive models in the market to identify gap areas for effective positioning. We uncovered a market gap – an important nuance – that lead to a distinct positioning which was used to develop PR and advertising for the model launch, and tracked the brand health of the model over time.

Discover and develop consumer personas for a vehicle brand

An auto manufacturer wanted to get an understanding of the consumers for one of their flagship vehicles. The intent was to define personas for the purchase intenders, not the aspirational consumers. We defined three key purchase intender personas for the model and defined a messaging and outreach strategy for each persona. Along with a day in life analysis of the target consumer segment, we provided a quantified list of entertainment preferences such as TV shows, music, digital channels for each persona which was used as an important data point in media planning.